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Real estate tax bills are on the way

Peoria County's bills already in the mail; Tazewell sending them out Friday


Real estate tax bills are in the mail in Peoria County and while some taxes may have increased, there are no new taxing districts.

"This year the county exhibited little growth," said Peoria County Treasurer Tripp O'Connor. "Unfortunately, everybody gets them, hates them, has to pay them and life goes on."

Next year, however, property owners could see significant changes. Peoria and Woodford counties are conducting quadrennial reassessments, a four-year reassessment of all parcels of property. Tazewell County reassesses a fourth of the properties every year.

Late last week Peoria County mailed 82,775 bills. The county expects to collect $275 million, which will be disbursed to the 140 taxing bodies.

Tax bills are contingent on both assessments and a district's tax rates and levies. They include taxes due to the school district, fire district, municipality, city, townships and sometimes library, park districts and airports.

The Peoria County Clerk's Office has posted online all tax computation reports for each taxing district dating back to 1998 that show tax levies, tax rates, equalized assessed values and total tax extensions.

Roughly 67,000 Tazewell County real estate tax bills will go out on Friday. The county expects to collect $179 million that will be distributed to 182 taxing districts.

Tazewell County hopes to disseminate two of the three tax dollar disbursements a few weeks earlier than required. "Taxing bodies have to have their tax dollars on time, and if they can get them early that helps them paying bills on time so they don't have to cash in their investments or even borrow money," said Tazewell County Treasurer Mary Burress.

New this year all bills are being printed in-house, saving taxpayers more than $20,000 in contracting with a third-party printer, Burress said. A new software system also will save time in redundant work.

Woodford County Treasurer Melissa Andrews said she hopes to mail out tax bills by mid-May. The county's software is being upgraded.