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Clay County to allow partial tax payments

The Kansas City Star, by Glenn E. Rice

Clay County taxpayers who are delinquent on their real estate and personal property taxes can now make partial payments on what they owe.

On Monday, county commissioners approved an ordinance that allows the county collector to accept partial payments from residents delinquent on their tax bills.

Individuals who choose to make partial payments will be charged a $1 fee for processing the payment, said Lydia McEvoy, county collector.

McEvoy said the county would accept partial payments for the next year and then review the program.

She said the school districts and other taxing entities would benefit greatly from the new program because they will receive what they are owed faster.

McEvoy said receiving partial payments would not prevent her office from pursuing legal action on unpaid taxes when necessary.

The county also is examining ways to allow property owners to make partial payments on their real estate taxes in advance, she said. McEvoy said that option might not be available until next spring.

Presiding Commissioner Pamela Mason said the new program would help taxpayers during difficult economic times.

“By accepting partial payments from Clay County taxpayers, we can get more funding to those entities so that vital services are kept intact,” Mason said. “This action allows those that are struggling to make payments toward a bill as they are financially able to do so.”

Eastern Commissioner Katee Porter said she supported the idea, as long it was cost effective for the county.