Why Should I Sign Up?


We make it easy for New Potential Clients that are Searching for Your Service to find you!

They don't work, Why sign up for another listing?


The first response we get when talking to potential advertisers, appraisers is "What, another find a appraiser site?, why would I want to go with you when there are a hundred like you, and they don't work?"

Out with the old, in with the new!

The trend in listing or directory sites has been to load as many profiles on as they can. From the business model of getting banner advertisers, this is good, but not so good for the firms that are listing.

Second, a common stratagey with firms was to list their services in mulitple geographic regions, under the theory of throw it agains the wall and see if anything sticks. So it is not uncommon to find an appraiser listing their service hundreds of miles away in the off chance someone might call.

Experienced appraisers know that most of the calls they will get are from people more local to their office, in fact many advisors recommend to use a local appraiser as compared to those that are not.

The answer is simple and surprising.

We don't tell you to choose us over them! We don't try to dissuade you from listing your firm on any other sites! We tell you to choose as many as you can. Some are free, but then the field is full, plenty of competition. With assessmentappealappraiser.com, there is a maximum of 3 firms in any county, thats it! Sign up for as many free ones as you can, sign up for some that charge a fee, but signing up with us just makes good business sense!

Client Fit

From a business and marketing viewpoint, you do not care where they get your contact information, it is more important that they have your contact information...and use it.

As you well know, the economy effects the business of law, maybe even more so than many other businesses, and finding new paying clients is more of a challenge in bad times than in good times. When it comes to clients, you would rather have too many than not enough.

Take a lesson from the majors!

When WalMart, or Home Depot or McDonalds go into a market, they do not choose one newspaper, do not only use one radio station and certainly don't stay with one TV channel. They use most of them if not all of them.

We say, when it comes to getting your name out for the public to have and use, you should use all the marketing tools that your budget allows, which leads to the second reason to join our site...

The amount of money we charge for a one year listing borders on insignificant!

It simply is not enough money to be worth taking the time out of your day to have a discussion about, but, the return can be huge. One case in the course of a year will most likely return 4 to 5 times the amount of money it cost. If you retain the client and go on to perform other services, that is the bonus!

Those two reasons above should be enough, however there is more.

Both web site owners and potential clients have the same problem, the internet has gotten so big that entering a simple search for "appraiser" will get you thousands of web site listings. Getting to the top of that search is expensive! So people then start to change their search parameters to type of law, maybe add a geographic parameter, all in hopes of narrowing the search to where they have a handful of options.

Once people find AssessmentAppealLawyer.com, they have enough options to stop searching and start responding.

From a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standpoint, the more times your name, web address and information is available on the internet, the higher the likely hood that you will be found in a search. Your ranking is going to be higher the more available your information is.

We offer very limited listings. The maximum number of firms listed in any county is 3.

The site is designed to get results for you, the advertiser, not us. Visitors are not required to sign up to get your information, they do not have to join, all they have to do is find their state and county, and your information is listed, free of charge to your potential clients.. Your phone number, your web address, your email if you so choose. There are no good-better-best levels for the visitor. Once you list your firm, all of your information is available to the all visitors.

What type of Firm is this best for?

While any size firm may take advantage of AssessmentAppealLawyer.com, we have found this is best suited for smaller, boutique and sole attorney practices. It is also an excellent vehicle for newer appraisers and newer firms. It is generally a short process to file an appeal for a client, plus you get to show your personal service.

Real Estate Assessment Appeals is an excellent way to compliment an appraiser's business, plus an escellent chance to network with law firms that can get you business!