Focused Traffic: "Your Internet Filter"

Reduce Unproductive Inquiries by Targeting Your Specific Demographic!

Law Firms Want the Phone to Ring, but not with clients they do not service, Assessment Appeal Lawyer helps filter those inquiries to reduce unproductive calls!

The Search Process
is Daunting

  • Getting found on the internet is easy, getting found by the right person - thats what we do.
  • You don't just want to be found, but found by your target audience!

Reach your
target clients

  • We Reach Targeted Traffic
  • We filter the crowd for you...

Control your budget

  • Extremely effective and
    targeted Search Portal
  • Focused on your law practice

Most attorney's careers evolve from quantity to quality, meaning in the beginning, you will speak to almost any new potential client that calls. As the experience grows, the qualifying and filtering ability of the attorney begins to hone to reduce time spent on the less productive calls.

Assessment Appeal Lawyer acts as your internet filter, reducing those inquires that do not match those clients or other professionals you would want to find you and call.

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